An online academic excellence

program that allows students

to master math, English, and

science in school or at home!

An online language learning

system that will let anyone

speak Mandarin, Japanese,

Korean, French, or Spanish

in less than 6 months!

Augmented Reality (AR)

We can apply augmented

reality (AR) technology on

almost anything! Through

our AR services, you can

give your products and

services an enormous

advantage in the market

at a very low cost! 


We can create animatronic

displays that can be used

for education or entertain-

ment in theme parks,

museums, resorts, zoos,

schools, and even malls. 


We can design and build

robots that can perform

specific tasks or security

functions for your business


Corporate Training

Using our proprietary online

education system, we can

set up various online training

and testing programs for

your employees.  We also

offer corporate training





We specialize in the development of mobile augmented reality (AR) apps in the fields of education, marketing, tourism, and entertainment.

Our AR experts can equip your stores, products, and marketing materials with AR capability.

We also stage exhibits of our AR museum in schools as a better alternative to simply showing videos or setting up inflatable planetariums during school celebrations.

The XiGEGA Augmented Reality Museum features life-like, moving dinosaurs as well as exhibits on NASA spacecraft, human evolution, military technology history, human anatomy, and much more. 



AR is the 'next BIG thing' so act now and book an appointment with us today at (0917) 812-7757 or 881-3735 to see how AR can help your business.



More and more schools are using KPluz!

KPluz is an online academic excellence program that covers five subjects: Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan. Truly an innovative educational product from XiGEGA!



We are looking for provincial and international distributors for our Speakittoo language learning cards. Speakittoo is the easiest way to learn Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, French, or Spanish online! Interested parties may call us at 881-3735!  


Speakittoo - the fun and fast way

to learn a new language!


We are HIRING!

To apply, just call

881-3735 today!

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