Augmented Reality (AR) Services


We are one of the pioneers in the application of augmented reality (AR) technology in the Philippines. We have developed a multitude of AR applications in the fields of education, marketing, amusement, and tourism. As AR experts, we can provide AR technology solutions to suit your needs.

AR in Education

We have applied AR technology to all kinds of education materials from books to educational toys. If you have a book, magazine, or educational toy that you want to enhance through augmented reality, please contact us at 881-3735 or (0917) 812-7757.

AR in Marketing

We have developed AR apps that make posters, brochures, tarpaulin print-outs, and other marketing materials come to life.  If you want a 'WOW factor' in your marketing efforts, then AR is for you.

We have also enabled AR in various products such as shirts, pet apparel, paintings, and books.  If you want to employ augmented reality to market your products and services, please contact us at 881-3735 or (0917) 812-7757.

AR Exhibits and Attractions

We stage exhibits of the XiGEGA Augmented Reality Museum in schools as a better alternative to simply showing videos or setting up inflatable planetariums during school celebrations.  We also have other AR attractions to spice up corporate parties or events. If you want to book the XiGEGA AR Museum or our other AR attractions, please contact us at 881-3735 or (0917) 812-7757.



Training and Education


Online Learning Systems

Using our proprietary online education system, we can set up various online training and testing programs for companies!  We can also develop customized online learning systems for schools. Contact us today at 881-3735 or (0917) 812-7757!

Corporate Training Programs

We offer technical training programs to corporations. We can also assist in the development of special courses or tools for your training and development programs. Contact us today at 881-3735 or (0917) 812-7757!



Robotics and Electromechanical System Design


We can design and build custom robots or electromechanical systems for your company. These may be controlled through Windows- or Android-based devices. Contact us today at 881-3735 or (0917) 812-7757!